Single-Cell Genome
Analysis Core
Single-cell Genome Information Analysis Core (SignAC), the core facility of ASHBi at Kyoto University, maintains and manages state-of-the-art shared equipment. Through its unique research and development activities, it is also dedicated to building a system for the comprehensive analysis of individual cell characteristics, including epigenomic states. Thus, SignAC aims to become a central hub, supporting cross-disciplinary research within ASHBi and various fields at Kyoto University and beyond.
In alliance with iSAL, Kyoto University.
Participating in AMED BINDS for research support.


  • Dr. Takuya Yamamoto
    (Core Head, Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Taro Tsujimura
    (Core Manager, Junior Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Akira Hirota
    (Program-Specific Researcher)
  • Dr. Takumi Wada
    (Program-Specific Researcher)
  • Shoko Tarumoto (Research technician)
  • Moe Shinagawa (Research technician)
  • Yuka Motohiro (Research technician)
  • Nao Nishikoba (Research technician)
  • Mayumi Ikeda (Administrative Staff)