User guide

Usage guide for shared research equipment(iSAL)

iSAL equipment (open to both inside and outside KU)


Please book the equipment at “KUMaCo My Portal”.

  • Please make a reservation for the actual time that you will use the equipment.
  • Equipment cannot be used by another person on behalf of the user. Please make a reservation in the name of the users themselves.
  • In order to access the reservation system, you first need to register at KUMaCo.
    (KUMaCo registration must be renewed each year).

 For more details on registration, please refer to the iSAL website.

Usage Records

Authentication IC cards are used to record the use of the shared research equipment. If you do not have an IC card, please print out a reservation form from KUMaCo and bring it with you.

Before and after the use of the reserved equipment, please record the use time on the computer (tablet PC) recording system located in each equipment room. For some devices, enter the number of samples used. For more information on usage records, click here.

SignAC open hours

 Weekdays 9:00–17:00