Mission of SignAC

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (WPI-ASHBi) at Kyoto University promotes numerous interdisciplinary studies to elucidate the fundamental principles of human traits. To this end, the institute established the “Single-cell Genome Information Analysis Core (SignAC)” to vigorously advance research.

The genome exhibits distinctive states at various regulatory layers, such as higher-order chromatin conformation, epigenetic states, and transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation, which uniquely characterize each cell. Deciphering these epigenomic states at the individual cell level is crucial for comprehending human biology, which is an intricate assembly of diverse cells. SignAC is dedicated to enabling genomic analysis at the single-cell level by introducing and developing cutting-edge comprehensive measurement methods and analytical techniques. By providing these state-of-the-art technologies to researchers within the institute, SignAC supports research conducted at ASHBi.

Furthermore, SignAC aspires to broadly support life science research at Kyoto University and beyond, not limited to ASHBi. Through the proper maintenance and management of the core facility and regular technical training for users, SignAC aims to establish a system where researchers within and outside the institute can seamlessly utilize cutting-edge technologies. Through close collaboration with researchers within and outside the institute and with the creation of an international research environment, SignAC aims to become a catalyst for initiating various interdisciplinary research endeavors.