First Contact Program –Where New Ideas Meet–

Interactive Knowledge Exchange for Early-stage Researchers

ASHBi First Contact Program aims to promote an interactive knowledge exchange of early-stage researchers in both academia and industry. Through active discussions, the program aims to bring together academia’s research and industry’s social implementation, which lead to finding hints and building interdisciplinary network for future innovation.

Interactive Knowledge Exchange for Early-stage Researchers

Solving Questions on the spot to share learning and awareness

This program is conducted in an interactive format, where participants can raise questions at any moment to discuss along the course of the presentation. Rather than the “one-way” flow of knowledge seen in conventional seminars, this program creates a place for the entire group to share insights and learnings through “dual-way” discussions where a question leads to a chain-reaction of questions to enable further understanding.

Currently, the program is provided in Japanese. For inquiries please contact ASHBi Research Acceleration Unit.

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