First Contact Program #1 (Dr. Kenichi  Amemori)

August 5, 2021

First Contact Program #1 (Dr. Kenichi  Amemori)

ASHBi held the 1st seminar of the “First Contact Program” co-organized with Kyoto Research Park Corp. (ReCoCo@KRP) on Aug. 5 inviting Dr. Ken-ichi Amemori as its first speaker. The seminar was held online via Zoom with approximately 20 researchers from Pharmaceutical and Life Science Startups residing in Kyoto Research Park (KRP) and from Kyoto University actively participated in the interactive discussions learn about the research done at Amemori Lab. For more information on the “First Contact Program”, please check here.


Name First Contact Program: Researchers’ Co-Learning Community @KRP (ReCoCo@KRP)
Date&Time 16:00-17:30, Thursday August 5, 2021
Venue Zoom Online
Speaker Ken-ichi Amemori, Associate Professor/PI, WPI-ASHBi
Title Analysis and behavior of primate neural networks that regulate anxiety and motivation
Language Japanese
Participants Researchers from Pharmaceutical and Life Science Startups in KRP and from Kyoto University
Organizers WPI-ASHBi, Kyoto Research Park Corp.
Flyer PDF (in Japanese)