Research Core Facilities

Single-Cell Genome Information Analysis Core (SignAC)

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (ASHBi) aims to elucidate the basic principles of human life through multidisciplinary integrative research. For effective acceleration of the research at ASHBi, we have established single-cell genome information analysis core in the institute.

The core aims to develop and integrate cutting-edge techniques to analyze the genomic information at the single-cell level, which should accelerate all the researches at ASHBi. Characterizing the genomic features at the single-cell resolution is a key to understanding of humans, an organism consisting of tens of trillions of the cells. This is because the genome information is shaped and modified in various regulatory hierarchies within the cells including chromatin structures, epigenetics, transcription, and post-transcriptional regulation.

Moreover, the core will work with internal and external collaborators to promote interdisciplinary research. In addition, we provide technical assistance and training to the users of the core facility. The core will act as a research hub for not only ASHBi but also Kyoto University.

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Primate Genome Engineering Core (PRiME)

The Primate Genome Engineering Core is based in the Shiga University of Medical Science, Research Center for Animal Life Science (RCALS), which is the satellite institution of ASHBi. The Primate Genomic Engineering Core makes use of various genome editing technologies and the latest gene transfer technologies to create genetically modified cynomolgus monkeys. We also provide cynomolgus monkey embryos for use in research.

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Non-human primate Phenotype Analysis Facility (NPAF)

In this facility, we will analyze the phenotype of genome-edited macaque monkeys; bahavior including social interactions, brain and other physiological functions.