ASHBi Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee

ASHBi established the DEI Committee (DEI=Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) in July 2022 to take initiative in further advancing the diversity at ASHBi.


Improving the environment for better work and life balance

  1. Expanding support to families with small children
  2. Encouraging the use of childcare leave system
  3. Increasing flexibility of working/meeting schedules
  4. Improving facilities for better working life

Strengthening the diversity in science community

  1. Strengthening outreach for gender balance in science
  2. Gathering/implementing ideas to promote diversity
  3. Sharing/cooperating DEI activities with other institutes worldwide

Enhancing foreign and young researcher integration

  1. Organizing interactive events for young researchers
  2. Providing easy-to-consult atmosphere for newly joined foreign researchers
  3. Developing training programs for students in ASHBi


ASHBi DEI Committee aims to further promote the diversity in ASHBi and to take the leading role in Japan for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DEI Committee Members

Sungrim Seirin-Lee Sungrim Seirin-Lee Head/PI
Portrait of Dr Fumitaka Inoue Fumitaka Inoue Co-PI
Chieko Chiwata Chieko Chiwata ASHBi Office