ASHBi Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee

ASHBi established the DEI Committee (DEI=Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) in July 2022. The committee aims to take initiative in further advancing ASHBi’s activities to promote diversity and visualize these activities. 


Work environment for balancing family and work

  1. Substantial support for childcare generation
  2. Compatible parental leave system development
  3. Improvement for working/meeting time schedule
  4. Expansion of facilities for work balance

Activity for strengthening gender/diversity balance in science

  1. Strengthening outreach for gender balance in science
  2. Proposing ideas for promoting and sustaining diversity
  3. Cooperation with overseas/outside institutes in DEI activities

Day care for foreign/young researchers

  1. Organization of exchange events for young researchers
  2. Aftercare for foreign researchers after settled-in
  3. Program proposals for ASHBi student training


ASHBi DEI Committee will further promote ASHBi’s diversity promotion activities and lead the Japanese and Global standards in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DEI Committee Members

Sungrim Seirin-Lee Sungrim Seirin-Lee Head/PI
Portrait of Dr Fumitaka Inoue Fumitaka Inoue Co-PI
Tomoki Shimizu Tomoki Shimizu ASHBi Office
Chieko Chiwata Chieko Chiwata ASHBi Office