ASHBi Office


ASHBi is designed to provide an excellent research environment that includes state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional research support. In addition, ASHBi also develops various programs (lectures/​workshops/​guidebooks, etc.) for research acceleration, overseas researcher support, and early-career researcher development. To provide these programs, ASHBi has created the Strategic Research Acceleration Unit in the ASHBi Administrative Office, which is currently staffed by one URA, with plans to hire a second, and two other employees.



This program provides research support, facilities management, and human resources development. The program offers services at various stages of research, from research planning, budget acquisition, data collection and analysis, to assistance with paper writing and research presentations, and public communications and outreach. It also provides workshops, seminars and guidebooks for researchers to learn these skills.



Early Career

Scientific advancement sometimes requires the ability to connect key scientific findings from different fields. This ability is crucial for early-career researchers to transition into junior PIs. To provide opportunities for early-career researchers to communicate with different fields researchers and learn the different perspectives from other research fields, we organize the discussion-oriented meetings comprising of early-career researchers.



Overseas Researcher
Startup Support

Researchers from abroad are often overwhelmed by the lengthy and complex procedures for setting up a lab in Japan. At ASHBi, we have developed an efficient platform to support foreign researchers. A team of URAs and secretaries have prepared guides for traversing the procedures, as well as support for visas, housing and other non-research procedures so that researchers can start their research with minimal distractions. Further, ASHBi aims to be a model in this support, with plans to assist administrative offices at other institutions to develop a similar support platform.