QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

Med. Bldg. B


A system for droplet digital PCR. It performs PCR reaction in 20,000 partitioned droplets and digitally counts numbers of droplets that have amplification of targets, achieving absolute quantification of target DNA fragments. It can be applied to a wide range of genetic studies including gene expression analysis, detection of rare mutations, and so on.


Quantification of low concentrations is also possible even if difficult with conventional qPCR.
Making droplets in maximum 8 wells at one time.
Reactions and measurements of droplets can be done in 96 wells.

How to use

Available through KUMaCo.
Usage fee will be charged (Price List).
SignAC explains how to use it.

SignAC provides the following consumables.

Consumables SignAC providesCat.No.
DG8 Cartridges (/8well) (BioRad)186-4008
DG8 Gaskets (/8well) (BioRad)186-3009
DG8 Cartidges and Gasket set (BioRad)186-4007
ddPCR Supermix for probes (no dUTP) (BioRad)186-3023
Droplet generation oil for probes (BioRad)186-3005
ddPCR Droplet Reader Oil (BioRad)1863004
Plates (case of 25) (Eppendorf)0030.128.591
Plates (dividable) (Eppendorf)0030.133.404
Buffer control (BioRad)186-3052
Pierceable Foil Heat Seal (BioRad)1814040
200 µl pipet tips (Rainin)30389239