University of Helsinki delegation visits ASHBi

March 7, 2024

University of Helsinki delegation visits ASHBi

On March 1 2024, Dr. Sari Lindblom (Rector), Dr. Anne Portaankorva (Vice-Rector), Dr. Hanna Snellman (Vice-Rector), Dr. Esa Hämäläinen (Director of Administration) and Dr. Anna-Maria Salmi (Head of Services, International Affairs) visited ASHBi.

From ASHBi, Dr. Mitinori Saitou (ASHBi Director), Dr. Takuya Yamamoto (Core Head), Dr. Taro Tsujimura (Core Manager) and Dr. Tadashi Ogawa (Administrative Director) greeted the visitors. After a brief introduction to ASHBi by Director Saitou and an exchange of views on expanding academic exchange, a tour of the Single-Cell Genome Information Analysis Core (SignAC) facility was conducted.

L to R:T Ogawa, Kei Ayukawa (URA), T Tsujimura, A Portaankorva (Vice-Rector), M Saitou, S Lindblom (Rector), H Snellman (Vice-Rector), A Salmi (Head of Services, International Affairs), E Hämäläinen (Director of Administration), T Yamamoto