ASHBi Retreat 2023 was held

April 18, 2023

ASHBi Retreat 2023 was held

The ASHBi Retreat 2023 was held on April 3-4, 2023 at the Arima Grand Hotel in Arima Onsen (Hyogo Prefecture). 103 researchers and staff attended. The oral session and poster session were very active on both days, contributing to the promotion of ASHBi’s multidisciplinary research, as well as providing a meaningful time to deepen exchanges between PIs and young researchers. Assistant Professor Takafumi Ichikawa (Hiiragi G), Dr. Go Okui (Fujita G) and Dr. Yoshihiro Yamanaka (Alev G) received the Best Poster Award. On the second day, Professor Shigeru Kondo (Pattern Formation Group, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University) gave a guest lecture. We took care of hospitality by arranging childcare services for participants who attended with their children.

Group photo

Opening remarks by Director Mitinori Saitou

Dr. Moyra Lawrence (T. Yamamoto G) at the oral session. The oral session presenters are Dr. Lawrence, Assistant Professor Rio Tsutsumi, Dr. Antoine Diez (Seirin G), Mr. Yuki Masuo (Ueno G).

Poster Session

Professor Kondo

The Best Poster Award

Closing remarks by Vice Director Hideki Ueno