Primate Genome Engineering Core (PRiME)

Establishing basic technologies for innovative primate genome modification

The Primate Genome Engineering Core is based in the Shiga University of Medical Science, Research Center for Animal Life Science (RCALS), which is the satellite institution of ASHBi. RCALS is the only research facility in Japan and not a few in the world that can perform developmental engineering using cynomolgus monkeys, which is one of non-human primates close to humans that can be manipulated experimentally.

RCALS has over 700 cynomolgus monkey breeding facilities and technical staff with advanced skills in animal reproduction and breeding management. In addition, we have established basic technologies such as laparoscopic egg collection in cynomolgus monkeys, sperm collection by electrical stimulation, intracytoplasmic sperm injection using a micromanipulator, and trans-oviductal embryo transfer under a laparoscope.

Taking advantage of these features, the Primate Genomic Engineering Core makes use of various genome editing technologies and the latest gene transfer technologies to create genetically modified cynomolgus monkeys. We also provide cynomolgus monkey embryos for use in research. In addition to producing genetically modified animals such as disease model monkeys in response to requests from ASHBi researchers, we also develop new developmental engineering technologies.

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Developmental engineering in cynomolgus monkeys.


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Tomoyuki Tsukiyama (Core Head)
Masataka Nakaya