Cell Sorter BD FACSAria Fusion (BD Biosciences)


Flow Cytometry System. It can be for example used to measure the composition of cell types in a sample, or to isolate only specific cell types by fluorescent labeling.

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Cell Sorter BD FACSAria Fusion (BD Biosciences)


Lasers ; 488 nm, 637nm, 405nm, 561nm, 355nm

Up to 18 different colors are distinguishable.

Speed ; 30,000 event/sec

How to use

Available for ASHBi PI group members, but only after taking an essential course provided by BD Biosciences.

Please make a reservation in our booking system.

Please contact Dr.Hiroyuki Yoshitomi or Dr.Ryo Yamamoto if you are interested.

Please provide consumables including BD FACSFlow and BD FACS Clean by yourself.