Cell Sorter BD FACSAria Fusion

BD Biosciences
Med. Bldg. B


Flow Cytometry System. It can be for example used to measure the composition of cell types in a sample, or to isolate only specific cell types by fluorescent labeling.


Lasers ; 488 nm, 637nm, 405nm, 561nm, 355nm
Up to 18 different colors are distinguishable.
Speed ; 30,000 event/sec

How to use

Available for ASHBi PI group members, but only after taking an essential course provided by BD Biosciences.
Please make a reservation in our booking system.

Usage fee will be charged (Price List), but Wash and CST beads maintenance time is not subject to usage fee charges.
Please record usage logs via Google Forms when you use the equipment.

SignAC provides the following consumables.

  • CST beads
  • FACS Flow
  • FACS Clean
  • Contrad
  • milliQ
  • ethanol(Weekly shutdown)
  • cotton swab

Please provide tubes and plates etc. by yourself.