May 27, 2020

7 groups selected for the FY2020 ASHBi Fusion Research Grant

7 research groups were selected for FY2020 ASHBi Fusion Research Grant to progressively advance fusion research at ASHBi.

ASHBi Fusion Research Grant was established to strengthen fusion research between mathematics and biology, between bioethics and biology, or between biology and biology. The grant aims to support new collaboration among ASHBi groups trying to elucidate new scientific principles based on fused disciplines.

The selected groups for this year are as follows:

  Project Title Category Representative
1 Mathematical modelling and experimental modulation of the dynamics of human osteogenesis Math-Bio Yusuke Seto
(Program-Specific Researcher)
2 Identification of multi-resolution cell differentiation dynamics from scRNA-seq data via mathematical data analysis and interactive visualization system Math-Bio Yusuke Imoto
(Assistant Professor)
3 Characterization of gene regulatory networks in human and non-human in vitro segmentation clocks Math-Bio Kumiko Yoshioka-Kobayashi
(Program-Specific Researcher)
4 Topological approaches for integrative 3D epigenomics Math-Bio Taro Tsujimura
(Junior Associate Professor)
5 Inference of genome-wide DNA demethylation kinetics by dynamic model fitting Research Math-Bio Sohei Tasaki
(Assistant Professor)
6 Examining Ethics and Governance in Developmental Biology Ethics-Bio Tsutomu Sawai
(Assistant Professor)
7 Deciphering evolutionary differences of germline transposable element dynamics Bio-Bio Xun Chen
(Program-Specific Researcher)