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Yusuke Imoto

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Applied Mathematics
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Research Overview

Detecting true single-cell structures via mathematical data analysis

Recently, data sampling techniques of genome data such as the single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) have rapidly been developing. However, genome data is high-dimensional since the number of features (genes) is huge and has some technical noises when its data sampling. Those properties of genome data let conventional data analysis methods sometimes induce incorrect results. Therefore, this research aims to establish the mathematical basements of analyzing genome data via utilizing various mathematical fields such as the high-dimensional statistics, causal discovery, topological analysis, network theory, and dynamical system. Then, this research will contribute to discover the true structures in single-cell resolutions.

Figure 1 of Dr Yusuke Imoto's Research

Fig 1: Sketch of research plan


Yusuke Imoto obtained his PhD from Kyushu University (2016) and moved to Tohoku Forum for Creativity at Tohoku University (2016-2019) as an assistant professor. He was appointed Assistant Professor in 2019 and Associate Professor in 2022 in ASHBi of Kyoto University.


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JSIAM Letters Best Paper Award (2020)
MSJ Prize for Excellent Applied Mathematicians (2018)


Feb. 1, 2019

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