KAKENHI WRITING SEMINAR – for early-stage researchers

July 28, 2023

KAKENHI WRITING SEMINAR – for early-stage researchers

What Makes an Effective Grant Proposal?

An effective proposal allows reviewer to grasp your research at a glance. To do so, you need to structure your research story to tell your story effectively to the reviewers. You need to know what the reviewers are looking for, and you need to effectively incorporate reviewer’s point of view in your research story to convince the reviewers.

This English seminar will walk you through the KAKENHI and its evaluation system followed by practical writing advices from a winner of multiple KAKENHI applications. Best for researchers who are applying KAKENHI for the first time or who have had difficulties in the past applications. If you are planning to apply for KAKENHI this year, make sure to join us!


Date & Time:
Friday, July 28 2023 16:00–17:20
Zoom Online Meeting
(Zoom URL will be sent to registered participants 2-3 days prior to the seminar)

*This seminar is held as a part of ASHBi Research Acceleration Seminar Series. If you are interested in other seminars, please check Research Acceleration Programs


1)Evaluation Systems & Effective Storytelling
Makoto Shida, URA, WPI-ASHBi
2)Writing tips for early-stage researchers
Daniel Packwood, PI/Junior Associate Professor, WPI-iCeMS


Academic Researchers in Japanese Universities/Research Institutions
(Especially for early stage foreign researchers)


Pre-registered participants only
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(Deadline: Wednesday, July 26 2023)

Zoom URL will be sent to registered participants


ASHBi Research Acceleration Unit
(WPI-ASHBi, Kyoto University)


Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (WPI-iCeMS)


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