JANUBET Symposium “Tools and the Study of Brain Systems: New Vistas!”
  • September 20, 2022
  • September 22, 2022

JANUBET Symposium “Tools and the Study of Brain Systems: New Vistas!”

We will hold the JANUBET Symposium, ‘Tools and the study of brain systems: New Vistas!' on 20 – 22 September 2022.

This is the final activity organized as part of an international collaboration between Tohoku University, Kyoto University, and NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The aim of this collaboration, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, was to promote scientific and educational exchange for young neuroscience trainees and to develop a lasting educational exchange for our students.

For the final symposium have blended a series of presentations by excellent scientists with poster sessions by our junior scientists/students and other selected participants. Join us for this unique event in the unique settings offered by the host, Kyoto University.

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JANUBET Sympoisum
Tools and the Study of Brain Systems. New Vistas!


September 20 (Tue) – September 22 (Thu)19:55
Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University
[NOTE] On-site participation will be closed when capacity is reached.


Day 1 – 20 September 2022 (Japan Time, JST)


Session 1: Tools for circuits analyses

Cliff Kentros, Chair

Boaz Levi (Allen Institute for Brain Science, USA)

Viviana Gradinaru (California Institute of Technology, USA)

Cliff Kentros (NTNU, Norway)

Poster Session


Session 2: Development

Menno Witter, Chair

Lynette Lim (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Flavio Donato (University of Basel, Switzerland)

Guillermina López-Bendito (Instituto de Neurociencias, Spain)

Panel Discussion

Day 2 – 21 September 2022 (Japan Time, JST)


Session 3: Motor system and behavior

Tadashi Isa, Chair

Aya Takeoka (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Tadashi Isa (Kyoto university ,Japan)

Eiman Azim (Salk Institute, USA)

Poster Session


Session 4: Basal Ganglia and behavioral orchestration

Masahiko Takada, Chair

Hidetoshi Amita (Kyoto university, Japan)

Yoshikazu Isomura (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)

Wolfram Schultz (University of Cambridge, UK)

Panel Discussion

Day 3 – 22 September 2022 (Japan Time, JST)


Session 5: Cognition/decision/planning

Ken-Ichiro Tsutsui, Chair

Jonathan Whitlock (NTNU, Norway)

Masaki Tanaka (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Okihide Hikosaka (NIH,USA)

Poster Session


Session 6: Amygdala-hippocampal circuits and emotional memory

Menno Witter, Chair

Maryam Ziaei (NTNU, Norway)

Kei Igarashi (University of California Irvine, USA)

Loreta Medina (University of Lleida, Spain)


Pre-registered participants only
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International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research (INTPART)

Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (WPI-ASHBi)

Graduate Program for Medical Innovation (MIP) Kyoto University

Primate Research Institute (PRI) Kyoto University


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