(Event Report) iCeMS–ASHBi Exchange Gathering

March 24, 2022

(Event Report) iCeMS–ASHBi Exchange Gathering

With the aim to enhance collaboration research between two WPI centers in Kyoto University and to encourage lively interact among young researchers, WPI-ASHBi held an Exchange Gathering with WPI-iCeMS on March 24th.


Thursday, 24 March 2022
9:00–16:00 [JST]
[NOTE] Onsite participants are limited to presenters only.
[NOTE] Highspeed LAN/WiFi environment advised for stability


9:00 Opening Remarks: Ryo Yamamoto (ASHBi)
Greeting from KUIAS Director-General: Shigefumi Mori (KUIAS)
Greeting from WPI Program Director: Akira Ukawa (WPI)
9:10 Greeting from iCeMS Director: Susumu Kitagawa (iCeMS)
9:20 Greeting from ASHBi Director: Mitinori Saitou (ASHBi)
9:30 Sungrim Seirin-Lee (Seirin Group, ASHBi)
10:00 Masahiro Maruoka (Suzuki Lab, iCeMS)
10:30 break
10:45 Takafumi Ichikawa (Hiiragi Group, ASHBi)
11:15 Flash talk 1
Kitagawa G (i)-Amemori G (A)-Kengaku G (i)-Alev G (A)-Suzuki G (i)-Eiraku G (A)-Furukawa G (i)-Ema G (A)-Tamanoi G (i)-Fujita G (A)-Hiraoka G (A)-Isa G (A)-Murakawa G (A)
(i): iCeMS, (A): ASHBi
12:15 Lunch Break
13:15 Andrew Gibbons (Sivaniah Lab, iCeMS)
13:45 Fumitaka Inoue (Bourque Group, ASHBi)
14:15 break
14:30 Tomoko Inose (Furukawa Lab, iCeMS)
15:00 Flash talk 2
Ogawa G (A)-Taniguchi G (i)- Saitou G (A)-Ueda G (i)-Tsukiyama G (A)-Horike G (i)-Ueno G (A)-Packwood G (i)-R. Yamamoto G (A)-Kamei G (i)-T. Yamamoto G (A)-Namasivayam G (i)-Yanagita G (A)
(i): iCeMS, (A): ASHBi
16:00 Closing Remarks: Ken-ichiro Kamei (iCeMS)


Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (WPI-iCeMS)
Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (WPI-ASHBi)