International Bioethics Symposium “Ethical, Legal, and Social issues of Human Brain Organoid Research and Application”

December 2, 2022

International Bioethics Symposium “Ethical, Legal, and Social issues of Human Brain Organoid Research and Application”

We are pleased to announce that the International Bioethics Symposium "Ethical, Legal, and Social issues of Human Brain Organoid Research and Application" will be held on December 2, 2022.

This symposium will cover ethical, legal, and social issues in brain organoid research and application, which have been progressing rapidly in recent years. We hope to have a lively discussion with the speakers and participants of the symposium.

If you are interested in it, please join us.


Friday, 2 December 2022
9:30-17:30 [JST]
Hybrid Meeting (Kyoto University, Shirankaikan, Inamori Hall/Zoom Online Meeting)
[NOTE] On-site participation will be closed when a capacity of 100 is reached.
[NOTE] Highspeed LAN/WiFi environment advised for stability
[NOTE] Update the software to the latest version


Academic researchers and students


Introductory Remarks & ELSI Overview

9:30 Tsutomu Sawai, Hiroshima University / Kyoto University

Session 1: Brain Organoids in Vitro – Science

10:00 Hideya Sakaguchi, RIKEN BDR
Stem Cell-Derived Neural Organoids: From the Origin to the Next Generation
10:30 Momoko Watanabe, University of California, Irvine
Brain Organoids (Lab-Grown Brains): New Models to Study Neurological Disorders

Session 2: Brain Organoids in Vitro – Consciousness

11:00 Takuya Niikawa, Kobe University
Brain Organoids and Theories of Consciousness
11:30 Yoshiyuki Hayashi, Saitama Medical University
Human Brain Organoids and Creature Consciousness

Lunch Break

12:00 Lunch Break

Session 3: Transplantation of Brain Organoids into Animal Brains – Science & Ethics

13:00 Tetsuhiro Kikuchi, Kyoto University
Transplantation of Cerebral Organoids for Animal Models of Stroke
13:30 Alexander Erler, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Human Brain Organoid Transplantation: Testing the Foundations of Animal Research Ethics

Session 4: Empirical Apporach to Brain Organoid Research and Application

14:00 Tetsushi Tanibe, Saitama Prefectural University
Experimental Philosophy on the Ethics of Brain Organoids
14:30 Masanori Kataoka, Hiroshima University
Public Attitudes towards Brain Organoid Research: A Review and Future Prospects

Coffee break

15:00 Coffee break

Session 5: Future Clinical Transplantation, Legislation and Regulations

15:20 Elizabeth Thomas, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
To Keep in Mind: Ethical Implications of Future Clinical Transplantation
15:50 Tsung-Ling Lee, Taipei Medical University
Human Brain Organoids: Transnational Legal Issues

Keynote Speech

16:20 Julian Savulescu, National University of Singapore
Animal Embodied Humans: The Limits of Brain Organoid Research

Commentary & Closing Remarks

17:00 Tadashi Isa, Kyoto University


Pre-registered participants only
Registration Form (Google Form)
(Registration deadline: Tuesday, November 29)

[IMPORTANT] Participants shall not disclose any confidential information to others since unpublished data may appear in the presentations.

We will send the Zoom link approximately one week prior to the Workshop.


Tsutomu Sawai (Associate Professor, Hiroshima University/Associate Investigator, WPI-ASHBi, Kyoto University)

Tadashi Isa (Professor, WPI-ASHBi, Kyoto University)


Tsutomu Sawai