ASHBi Bioethics–Biology Fusion  Seminar (Dr J Benjamin Hurlbut)

December 11, 2020

ASHBi Bioethics–Biology Fusion Seminar (Dr J Benjamin Hurlbut)

We will have the new ASHBi Bioethics–Biology Fusion Seminars funded by the ASHBi Fusion Grant. At this time, we invite Dr J Benjamin Hurlbut from Arizona State University as a lecturer.
If you have any interests in the topic, you are welcome to attend this seminar.

Event Details

Friday, 11 December 2020
9:00AM—10:30AM, JST
Zoom Online Meeting*
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Researchers and students in Kyoto University


“Taking Responsibility: Governing Research at Edges of Human Life"


Dr J Benjamin Hurlbut
Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University


As advances in biotechnology allow increasing control over human biology, they pose complex bioethics challenges, not only for research oversight but also for larger questions of democratic deliberation and governance. These challenges are simultaneously scientific and political: they draw together technically complex domains of biology with fundamental questions of human identity, integrity and dignity. This talk will explore those challenges through two case studies, the debates on human genome editing that have unfolded over the last five years, and emerging debates over laboratory constructs like synthetic embryo-like entities. It will explore how notions of scientific responsibility have shaped deliberative approaches in these arenas, arguing that governance of research that touches upon fundamental dimensions of human life poses unique and urgent challenges for the relationship between science and democracy. It will introduce the Global Observatory on Genome Editing as one emerging effort to respond to these challenges of governance.


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[IMPORTANT] Participants shall not disclose any confidential information to others since unpublished data may appear in the presentations.


Go Okui, Cantas Alev and Tsuomu Sawai (ASHBi, Kyoto University)


Go Okui