[Event Report] ASHBi Retreat 2024
  • January 26, 2024
  • January 27, 2024

[Event Report] ASHBi Retreat 2024

With the aim to promote interactions among young scientists from different ASHBi PI groups, we held the ASHBi Retreat 2024 on January 26-27, 2024. This was the 5th ASHBi Retreat held at the Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel, and about 120 researchers and students attended.

On the 26th, there were guest talks by three external researchers and oral presentations by four ASHBi young researchers. On the 27th, after talks by ASHBi PIs and a panel discussion on primate research at ASHBi, four ASHBi young researchers gave oral presentations. During the two-day poster session, a total of 52 researchers and students presented their research and engaged in lively discussions with the attendees.

This year's "Excellence in Research Award" was given to two winners from each category of best oral presentation and best poster. The Best Oral Presentation Award went to Shusei Fujioka (Ueno Group) and Dr. Raku Son (Murakawa Group). The Best Poster Award went to Masahiro Nagano (Saitou Group) and Naoya Torio (Yanagida Group). The four awardees received research grants of JPY300,000 in FY2024 to further their research.

ASHBi Retreat 2024 Program

ASHBi Retreat 2024 Photo 1


26 (Fri) – 27 (Sat) January 2024
10:00–21:00 on 26 January
9:00–17:00 on 27 January
Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel


Day 1 Friday, 26 January

10:40 Reception
11:00 Opening Remarks

Session 1: Guest Talks

11:10 Azusa Inoue | RIKEN IMS
11:50 Shinpei Kawaoka | Tohoku University
12:30 Lunch Discussion

Session 2: ASHBi Researcher Presentations

13:30 Shusei Fujioka | Ueno G
14:00 Kuan-Ting Ho | Isa G
14:30 Vargas Xanat Meza | Fujita G
15:00 Yusuke Imoto | Hiraoka G
15:30 Break & Check-in

Session 3: Guest Talk

15:50 Koshi Imami | RIKEN IMS

Poster Session

17:00 Poster Session (Odd #)
19:00 Poster Session / Dinner
21:00 Night Session

Day 2 Saturday, 27 January

Poster Session

9:00 Poster Session (Even #)

Session 4: ASHBi PI Talks

11:00 Guillaume Bourque | Bourque G
11:30 Mitinori Saitou | Saitou G
12:00 Lunch

Session 5: Primate Research at ASHBi

13:00 Tomoyuki Tsukiyama | Core Head (PRiME)
13:15 Discussion
14:00 Break

Session 6: ASHBi Researcher Presentations

14:15 Jungming Oh | Amemori G
14:45 Yusuke Murase | Saitou G
15:15 Raku Son | Murakawa G
15:50 Mari Ohnuki | Bourque G
16:25 Break

Session 7: Feedback and Discussion

16:35 Feedback and Discussion on presentations at ASHBi Retreat 2024
16:55 Award Session and Closing Remarks


Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (WPI-ASHBi), Kyoto University


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