ASHBi Virtual Open Campus: “What key biological traits make us ‘human’ ?”

June 27, 2022

ASHBi Virtual Open Campus: “What key biological traits make us ‘human’ ?”

All aboard for the exciting research journey!

At this event, the researchers from seven ASHBi research groups will share the glimpse of their ongoing research and challenges which they are tackling at their lab.

ASHBi, one of the two WPI institutes at Kyoto University, is a home to researchers in the fields of developmental biology, neuroscience, genomics, clinical medicine, mathematics, and ethics who have gathered to collaborate and challenge to uncover the fundamental question of “What key biological traits make us ‘human’”.

All undergraduate and graduate students with thirst for research excitement, it’s your turn to take part in our exciting journey of pioneering the new horizon in the world of "Human Biology"!


Monday, 27 June 2022 17:00-18:30
Hybrid*: Online/Onsite
[NOTE]The number of local participants is limited due to the limited number of people at the venue.
[NOTE] On-site participation will be closed when capacity is reached.
[NOTE] Highspeed LAN/WiFi environment advised for stability

Research Groups

Developmental Biology & Organogenesis (Alev Group)

Neuroscience, Cognitive Neurophysiology (Amemori Group)

Comparative Epigenomics (Bourque Group)

Medical Systems Genomics (Murakawa Group)

Mathematical Biology and Medicine (Seirin Group)

Stem Cell Biology & Hematology (R. Yamamoto Group)

Single-Cell Genome Information Analysis Core (SignAC)


Pre-registered participants only
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Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (WPI-ASHBi)



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