Event Report: 1st ASHBi SignAC Workshop 2021

February 19, 2021

Event Report: 1st ASHBi SignAC Workshop 2021

ASHBi held the 1st ASHBi SignAC Workshop on 19 February, 2021, online!

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The 1st ASHBi SignAC workshop was held to overview a wide range of trends in single-cell biology, which has become extremely flourishing in recent years.

In Session 1, Dr. Miura, Dr. Ohkawa, and Dr. Murakawa talked about their challenges of how to extract genomic information as much as possible from each cell. In Session 2, Dr. Tsujimura, Dr. Takahashi, and Dr. Fukaya discussed how genome folding in the nucleus is linked to the regulation of genes and chromosomes. In Session 3, Dr. Nakamura, Dr. Ota, and Dr. Bannai presented how the field is progressing at the interface of interdisciplinary research. Finally, Dr. Rickard Sandberg from the Karolinska Institute gave a plenary lecture about the latest trends in single-cell transcriptome analysis, with an emphasis on the discoveries provided with capturing the full length of each mRNA molecule in individual cells.

All of these interesting lectures have strongly illuminated the promising potential of the research field to develop more and more in the coming years. All the following discussion at the Q&A sessions and the breakout rooms was with excitement thanks to continuous attendance of lots of researchers. A social interaction session at the end via Spatial Chat may have served as a great opportunity for new connections between researchers. We hope it was a fruitful workshop for all of the participants.

1st ASHBi SignAC workshop 2021 Program

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