Single cell library preparation system Chromium Controller (10X Genomics)


Single-cell NGS library preparation system.
It provides not only single-cell gene expression analysis applications, but also single-cell multiome analysis applications combined with epigenomic analysis, cell surface epitopes profiling, and CRISPR screening.

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Single cell library preparation system  Chromium Controller (10X Genomics)

How to use

Available through KUMaCo.

Price List

User categories Fee(per one sample)
Kyoto University ASHBi PI group members ¥19,680
Kyoto University researchers or Not-for-profit organization researchers ¥22,460
For-profit organization researchers ¥47,500

SignAC provides the following consumables.

Item Item number
Chromium Dual Index Kit TT set A (96 sample) (10x Genomics) 1000215
Pipet-Lite Multi Pipette L8-200XLS+ (METTLER TOLEDO) 17013805
Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-20XLS+ (METTLER TOLEDO) 17014392
Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-200XLS+ (METTLER TOLEDO) 17014391
Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-1000XLS+ (METTLER TOLEDO) 17014382
Pipette tip RT LTS 200µL FL 960A/10 (METTLER TOLEDO) 30389240
Pipette tip RT LTS 200µL F 960A/10 (METTLER TOLEDO) 30389239
Pipette tip RT LTS 1000µL FL 768A/8 (METTLER TOLEDO) 30389213
Pipette tip RT LTS 20µL FL 960A/10 (METTLER TOLEDO) 30389226
Pipette tip RT LTS 200µL FLW FL 960A/10 (METTLER TOLEDO) 30389241
Pipette tip RT LTS 1000µL FLW 768A/8 (METTLER TOLEDO) 30389218
Low TE Buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl pH 8.0, 0.1 mM EDTA) (Thermo Fisher Scientific) 12090-015
10% Tween 20 (Bio-Rad) 1610781
Glycerin (glycerol), 50% (v/v) Aqueous Solution (RICCA Chemical Company) 3290-32
Buffer EB (QIAGEN) 19086
SPRIselect Reagent Kit 5mL (Beckman Coulter) B23317
PCR Tubes 0.2 ml 8-tube strips (Eppendorf) 951010022