N-SIM S Super-Resolution Microscope System (Nikon)


Super-resolution microscope using "Structured Illumination Microscopy" (SIM), which reconstructs finely resolved structures using moiré patterns produced by striped illumination. It is employed for observing ultrafine structures inside cells.

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N-SIM S Super-Resolution Microscope System (Nikon)


・Structured illumination improves resolution to twice that of conventional systems.
・Wide-field super-resolution images of 66 µm x 66 µm can be captured. (100x objective lens)

・Laser: 405 nm, 476 nm, 545 nm, 637 nm

・Objective lens:
CFI SR HP Apochromatic TIRF 100XC Oil
CFI SR Plan Apochromat IR 60XC WI
CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda D 10X

How to use

・Available to ASHBi PI group members, but only after taking an essential course.
・Reservations are required.
・For inquiries about how to use the equipment, please contact Dr. Ikuhiro Okamoto and SignAC.