Laminar Wash MINI1000


Automatic cell washing system with no need of centrifugation. Laminar flow generated by double nozzles allows mild cell washing. Up to 8 samples can be processed at one time.

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Laminar Wash MINI1000


・Reduces cell damage and cell loss
・A small number of cells can be washed (100 cells/well)
・Short processing time (6 minutes for 16 samples)
・High cleaning capacity
・Improved single-cell sequencing data due to reduced background

How to use

・Available to ASHBi PI group members. Reservations are required.
・Please provide consumables (16-well strips, tips, and washing buffer) yourself.
・Required solutions: 70% ethanol (1% Tween20), water (1% Tween20), and cell washing buffer. Please prepare them yourself.

Usage rules

・Please leave usage logs.
・When using 70% ethanol (containing 1% Tween 20), water (containing 1% Tween 20), and cell washing buffer,
be sure to treat them with a 0.22 µm filter before use. (To prevent clogging of equipment due to debris)
・When you prepare washing buffers in reagent bottles that can be attached to the buffer inlet bottle cap (GL45 standard screw-top bottles),
you may reuse the cap.
・If the system has not been used for more than one month, priming with 70% ethanol (1% Tween 20) should be performed twice instead of once at the startup.
・When you apply cells with strong adhesion or cells containing a large amount of debris,
please wash them with PURELOX diluted 12 times with MilliQ (SignAC will prepare) at the shutdown.
・Wash reagent bottles (including buffer inlet bottle caps and tubes) with MilliQ after use.

・Dispose of waste liquid after use.