iCell8® cx Single-Cell System (Takara Bio USA)


Single-cell processing system. It first dispenses cells to have 1200-1500 single-cells in individual wells on an iCELL8 chip. Then, it performs NGS library prep reactions typically with 72x72 indexed primers.

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iCell8® cx Single-Cell System (Takara Bio USA)


Processing up to 1200-1500 single cells per chip of 5184 wells.
Maximum of 8 samples can be analyzed separately at once on one chip.

How to use

Available through KUMaCo.
Usage fee will be charged (Price List).
Please contact SignAC for first-time use.

<Usage rules>
Check before use:
Regarding the bottle on the left side of the device
(A) Milli-Q (refill until its 80 percent full)
(B) 0.2% hypochlorous acid (prepared before use)
(C) Milli-Q (refill bottle to full)

When turning on the power:
Check that the valve on the drain cord is closed and that there is water (A) in the humidification tank, and then turn on the power.

After use:
Replace the 0.2% hypochlorous acid in Wash Bottle (B) with Milli-Q water, and then perform “Prime Wash” twice by clicking the button that you can find in the Maintenance tab. Turn off the power and open the valve (D) of the humidification unit drain cord, and drain the water.
Close the valve when the water has finished draining.