Dragonfly Discovery


High speed and high accuracy non-contact micro-dispensing system.
Up to three dispensing syringes can be attached at the same time.

Reservation (Internal Access Only) Guide Contact
Dragonfly Discovery


・High-speed, high-precision dispensing.
・Using non-contact disposable syringes.
・Smooth liquid drainage without any residue during dispensing, enabling accurate dispensing of solutions of different viscosities and liquid properties.
・Capable of dispensing volumes from 200 nl to 4 ml.
・Applicable to 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates.
・Flexible customization for complex dispensing configurations.

How to use

・Available to ASHBi PI group members. Reservations are required.
・SignAC explains how to use it.
・Syringes and reservoirs are provided by the user basically.