CM1950 (Leica Microsystems)


Cryostat for making frozen sectioning

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CM1950 (Leica Microsystems)

How to use

Available for ASHBi PI group members.
Please make a reservation in our booking system.
Please record usage logs via Google Forms when you use the equipment.

Always learn how to use this equipment from an experienced person before using it.
Please consult SignAC if you are interested.

<Usage rules>
・Discard the waste liquid after use.

・Please leave the main power switch on.

・Cooling of the sample holder should be done only when in use. Please turn it off after use. Switch on and off with the key button.

・Since the temperature rises immediately after the cooling of the sample holder is turned on, it may melt when the sample is set in the holder.
Please wait a few minutes and then place the sample in the holder.

・Please provide blades by yourself. When handling blades, use handle locks and guard sets to prevent accidents.

・When moving the blade holder, please hold it by hand to avoid damaging it.

・If all the four corners of the glass are damaged, it needs to be replaced, so contact SignAC.

・Use 100% EtOH to wash the inside of the chamber.

・The temperature inside the chamber should be set to -15℃ when not in use.

・It takes four days to dry naturally.