ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System (Bio-Rad)


Imaging system for DNA, RNA, and proteins on a gel after electrophoresis. Various staining reagents can be detected with different types of trays.

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ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System (Bio-Rad)


Detecting chemiluminescence and fluorescence.
Maximum imaging field: 16.8 x 21 cm
White tray:Coomassie Brilliant Blue, silver stain, copper stain, zinc stain
Chemi/UV/Stain-free tray:Chemiluminescence, Stain-free gels and membranes, EtBr, SYPRO Ruby, etc.

How to use

Available for ASHBi PI group members.
No need for reservation before use.
SignAC explains how to use it.
Please clean the tray and turn off the system after use.