All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope BZ-X800 (KEYENCE)


Fluorescence Microscope system. The automatic control of field of view and focus allows High-throughput imaging.

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All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope BZ-X800 (KEYENCE)


Plan Fluorite 4X PH
Plan Fluorite 10X PH
Plan Fluorite 20X LD PH
Plan Fluorite 40X LD PH
Plan Apochromat 2X
Plan Apochromat 20X
Plan Apochromat 40X
Plan Apochromat 100X



BZ-X filter DAPI
BZ-X filter GFP
BZ-X filter TRITC
BZ-X filter Cy5


Equipped with Auto focus functions and Multi-stack module.


DNA FISH Analysis(reference).





How to use

Available for ASHBi PI group members.

Please make a reservation in our booking system.

Please record usage logs via Google Forms when you use the equipment.

For inquiries, please contact SignAC.
Lens paper and cotton swabs etc. are provided by SignAC, so if there is no stock, please contact SignAC.