4200 TapeStationSystem (Agilent)


Fully automated electrophoresis system to analyze DNA and RNA, allowing quality control of multiple samples (1~96 samples) at one time.

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4200 TapeStationSystem (Agilent)


・You can perform fully automated analysis by placing samples in 96-well plates or 8-tube strips specified by the manufacturer and setting them together with ScreenTape and tips.

・Ready-to-use ScreenTape Technology

・A single sample analysis without waste of consumables.

・Run time is a few minutes per sample.

How to use

Available for ASHBi PI group members.

Please make a reservation in our booking system.

Please contact Dr.Yasuhiro Murakawa if you are interested.

Users should provide consumables (ScreenTape, plates, tubes, tips, Ladder and Marker) on your own.