KAKENHI Writing Seminar: for early-stage researchers

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KAKENHI Writing Seminar: for early-stage researchers

Created Date
August 7, 2023

KAKENHI Writing Seminar, co-organized by WPI-ASHBi and WPI-iCeMS, was held online on 28 July attracting nearly 1400 registrants from Kyoto University and other Universities. The seminar was held to provide practical tips on how to prepare an effective KAKENHI application for the early-stage non-Japanese researchers (and Japanese researchers) who are not familiar with KAKENHI applications.

In the first part, Makoto Shida, the ASHBi-URA, explained the outline of KAKENHI and evaluation system, then introduced practical tips for preparing an effective KAKENHI proposal focusing on the storytelling.

In the second part, Daniel Packwood, PI/Junior Associate Professor of the WPI-iCeMS, introduced the practical tips in preparing an effective proposal based on his past KAKENHI application experience as a foreigner.

The seminar slides can be accessed from below.