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Sharmin Aktar

Sharmin Aktar

研究者 (小川 G)

Research Field
Tumor Biology



Sharmin Aktar obtained her PhD degree (Medical Science) from Kyushu University in 2020. After completion of a PhD degree, Sharmin Aktar did work as an Associate Professor of Microbiology Department in a Private University of Bangladesh, Udayan College of Bioscience and Technology. She became interested about Molecular Oncology research and joined the ASHBi as a Program Specific Researcher from January, 2023 under the research group of Molecular Oncology (Seishi Ogawa group).


Aktar S, Sasaki H & Unoki M. Identification of ZBTB24 protein domains and motifs for heterochromatin localization and transcriptional activation. Genes to Cells. Volume 24 (746-755), 2019.

Sarder MJU, Hemayatul MH, Moni MIZ, Jahan SS, Aktar S and Uddin J. Reproductive and productive performance of sheep of Rajshahi, Bangladesh insight about effects of genotype and parity. Bangladesh Livestock Journal. Volume 1 (31-34), 2015.

Aktar S, Saha S, Sarder MJU, Amin MM, Hemayatul MH, Hassan J and Khan MFR. Pathogenecity of E. coli in mice isolated from fecal samples of zoo animals. Bangladesh livestock journal. Volume 1 (23-25), 2015.

Sarder MJU, Moni MIZ, Aktar S. Prevalence of reproductive disorders of crossbred cows in the Rajshahi district of Bangladesh. SAARC J.Agri. 8(2):65-75,2010.



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