ASHBi welcomes highly motivated graduate students who wish to join its mission of creating a new “human biology”. To study at ASHBi, we would suggest you first to determine the Principal Investigator (PI) group where you wish to research. One cautionary point is that ASHBi does not have its own graduate school and you need to enter one of the graduate schools in Kyoto University before starting the study at ASHBi. Some PIs in our institute are affiliated with the graduate schools of Kyoto University and can be an official supervisor for your postgraduate program. Please contact an ASHBi PI you are interested in and obtain the prior approval and the advice for your applying.


Applicants from overseas universities

Graduates of overseas universities wishing to enroll in a Kyoto University Graduate School are required to contact the Admissions Assistance Office (AAO). You should upload applicants’ information and documents to AAO for preliminary screening. After receiving the positive result from AAO, you can start the applying process for the entrance examination of a graduate school you are interested in.
The Admissions Assistance Office (AAO)

Admission information
Graduate School of Medicine
Graduate School of Engineering
Graduate School of Science

Scholarship opportunity

A wide variety of scholarship programs are available for international students wishing to study at Kyoto University.

Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT Scholarship)

Japanese Government: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) provides a scholarship. Applications should be made before matriculation, either through a Japanese embassy or consulate (embassy recommendations), or through the host university in Japan (university recommendations). Most of the MEXT Scholarship students at Kyoto University earned their scholarships through embassy recommendations.

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Research Fellow for Young Scientists (DC fellowship)

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) provides fellowship for PhD students (DC1 / DC2) to foster excellent young researchers and develop their careers. There is no nationality requirement for DC applications. At the time of applying, the person must either be enrolled or be scheduled to enroll in a doctoral course at a Japanese university.

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Scholarship information website
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Life at ASHBi/Kyoto

When you join ASHBi, you will be working/studying in Kyoto, a city of about 1.4 million located in the Kansai region almost in the center of the Japanese archipelago. Kyoto has a history of more than 1,200 years and was the capital of Japan from 794 to 1868. Widely considered the center of traditional Japanese culture, crafts such as tea ceremony (sa’do), flower arrangement (ka’do), and textile making are abundant. The city is dotted with about 1,800 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, including world-renowned sites such as Kiyomizu Temple and Heian Shrine. The city is also known as a center of learning, with 38 universities including KyotoU. See this web page for information on Kyoto culture and living, immigration procedures, housing and education, and other related topics. 

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