Professor & PI

Sungrim Seirin-Lee

李聖林・い せいりん

  • Editorial Board

    Journal of Theoretical Biology, CSIAM Transactions on Life Sciences, PLOS ONE

  • Committee Member

    JSIAM日本応用数理学会・国際活動委員、MSJ日本数学会・応用数理分科会委員、日本数学会 Memoirs 編集委員、JSMB日本数理生物学会・運営委員、JSMB学術委員

  • Jan 2023 ~ Current

    (Concurrent post) Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University


  • Oct 2021 ~ Current

    Professor & PI, ASHBi, KUIAS, Kyoto University

    京都大学・高等研究院・教授 (Tenure)

  • Apr 2020 ~ Sep 2021

    Professor, Department of Mathematics, Hiroshima University

    広島大学・数学科・教授 (Tenure)

  • Apr 2017 ~ Mar 2020

    Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Hiroshima University

    広島大学・数学科・准教授 (Tenure)

    ・Oct 2016 ~ Mar 2020 (Concurrent post) JST PRESTO さきがけ Researcher

  • Apr 2014 ~ Mar 2017

    Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Hiroshima University

  • Apr 2010 ~ Mar 2014

    (Postdoc) JSPS PD, The University of Tokyo/University of Oxford, RIKEN CDB & Hiroshima University

    ・Apr 2010 ~ Sep 2010 (Visiting Researcher) WCMB/OCCIAM, University of Oxford

    ・Jun 2012 ~ Mar 2013 (Full-time motherhood) Maternity leave

  • ~ Mar 2010

    Master and PhD (Dean Award) in Environmental Science, Okayama University, Japan

    ・Apr 2008 ~ Mar 2010 (PhD student) JSPS DC1, Okayama University

    ・Nov 2008 ~ Sep 2009 (PhD student) Study abroad to University of Oxford (Supervised by Prof. Eamonn Gaffney , Wolfson Center for Mathematical Biology(WCMB), Mathematical Institute)

  • Full-time housewife , Leave academia

  • Master in Mathematics , Pusan National University, Korea

  • Bachelor (Silver Award) in Mathematics , Pusan National University, Korea


Antoine Diez

ディエズ アントワーン

Before joining Seirin’s lab, I did my PhD at Imperial College London in the group of P. Degond and before that, I completed my Master studies in France (at ENS Rennes and Lyon) where I was born. I am interested in the question of emergence of self-organized patterns across scales in biological systems. In particular, I have spent a significant research time on the study of interacting particle systems and trying to understand the influence of geometrical constraints. As a mathematician and modeller, my favorite tools are nonlinear PDEs, stochastic analysis and computer simulations.


Steffen Plunder

プランダー ステフェン

I was once asked if "I want to answer mathematical questions or scientific ones". This question changed my research forever, and since then, I have focused on applying math to answer questions in biology. I believe that a truly interdisciplinary spirit is key to dealing with the complexity of living organisms and I love to develop efficient numerical simulations together with and for my collaborators. During my PhD with Sara Merino (University of Vienna), I modelled and simulated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions and mesenchymal cell migration.


Tsubasa Sukekawa

祐川 翼

I am interested in a patten formation phenomena in biology. I have been studying the mathematical analysis for the pattern formation problem in reaction-diffusion systems. Currently, model equation for cell polarity is my research topic. I am interested in and studying the stability of stationary solution and the dynamics of solution for the cell polarity model. My aim in ASHBi is exploring a general property in biological phenomena through model equations and making it clear by numerical and mathematical analysis.


Ying Xie

謝 穎

During my Master and PhD studies at Prof. Seno’s lab (Tohoku University), I focused on population dynamics models on the relation of social nature to the epidemics. Specifically, I constructed ODE models incorporating social nature from the aspects of social response, community policy, and detectability of disease infection, to understand the complex interplay between social behavior and disease transmission. I am interested in clarifying the characteristics of life and social phenomena, addressing biological problems with mathematical tools, and exploring the application of theoretical insights in life sciences.

Graduate School Student (Hiroshima Univ/ASHBi), Studying abroad at ASHBi

Tamaki Wakamoto

若本 環希

Research : Notch-Delta Pattern Formation
Special Skills & Hobbies: Tidying up, Music appreciation, Reading comics (Manga), Karaoke

Medical Student (ASHBi/Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University)

Michito Ujino

氏野 道統

I love mathematical biology, especially mathematical model of cell differentiation and proliferation. I also loves physics since I was a player of International Physics Olympiad. I do my best and find interesting things!
Awards: Silver Medal in International Physics Olympiad 2017

Undergraduate School Student (Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University)

Kaichi Irie

入江 海地

I am mostly interested in probability theory, statistics, and machine learning, even though I am in the Faculty of Economics. I also like programming and enjoy Kaggle (a platform for data science competitions). So, if you are interested in Kaggle, please contact me! I will do my best at ASHBi.

Undergraduate School Student (Faculty of Science, Kyoto University)

Asayuki Kitajima

北島 旦之

When I was a high school student, I learned about Turing patterns on TV and became interested in mathematical biology. Now, I am studying mathematical biology with reading a book of killer cell dynamics. As of now, I am interested in various fields of biology, and I want to broaden my knowledge through studying at ASHBi!
Hobbies: cycling and hiking

Lab Programmer & Lab URA

Takahiro Hiraga

平賀 隆寛

・PhD of Mathematical Science, Hiroshima University (Oct. 2022)
・License collector (Hobbies?): Full driver’s license and Permit of Boat’s Operator (1st grade)


Chie Shirai

白井 知恵

I was born in Tottori prefecture,and I moved to Kyoto for marriage.
I'm good at "soroban"(Japanese calculator),so I can calculate without calculator when I go shopping.

MD-Course Student

Kana Okazaki

Aoi Ishikawa

Katsuhisa Toyofuku

Haruto Yoshimoto

Permanent Visiting Fellow

Hiroshi Matano

俣野 博

After retiring from the University of Tokyo, I moved to Meiji University in 2018 and spent five years at Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS). I retired in March 2023, but I am still affiliated with Meiji University with a special emeritus position.

My main field of research is the qualitative theory of nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications to biology and other fields of sciences. More specifically, I am interested in such research themes as propagation phenomena in reaction-diffusion equations, blow-up of solutions, relation between stability and domain geometry, dynamics of free boundaries, epidemiological models, and so on.

Hiroshi Ishii

石井 宙志

I have an interest in pattern formation in biological phenomena. I have been developing analytical methods to understand pattern dynamics for reaction-diffusion equations with nonlocal effects, and applying them to mathematical models.





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 Mr. Ryunosuke Saito , Hosei University (May. 27-31, 2024) ●  Prof. Eric Theveneau , Université Paul Sabatier (Dec. 4-6 and 8th, 2023) : Website
 Dr. Michèle Romanos , Camille Jordan Institute, Lyon (Dec. 4 - 8, 2023) : Website
 Mr. Louis-Pierre Chaintron , École Normale Supérieure, Université PSL (Dec. 4 - 8, 2023) : Website
 Prof. Adriana Dawes , The Ohio State University (Jul. 28 - Sep. 28, 2023) : Website
 Prof. Sara Merino , University of Vienna (Aug. 28 - Sep. 8, 2023) : Website
 Ms. Sara Jolliffe , University of Oxford (Aug. 23 - Sep. 4, 2023) : Website
 Prof. Eamonn Gaffney , University of Oxford (Aug. 12 - 31, 2023) : Website
 Prof. Philip K. Maini, University of Oxford (Jul. 24 - 31, 2023) : Website
 Mr.Sébastien Mace , The École Normale Supérieure de Rennes (ENS Rennes) (May 15 - July 15, 2023)
 Dr. Niklas Kolbe, RWTH Aachen University, Germany (Apr 13 - 26, 2023) : Website