Modelling and Integration of Life, Data, and Diversity:
From Geometry to Patterns,
From Basic Medicine to Clinical Medicine
via Mathematics



BiMed-Math Laboratory is challenging to reveal the underlying mechanism of life sciences and clinical medicine by developing a new theoretical tool of mathematical modelling and multi-disciplinary integration. Furthermore, BiMed-Math Lab will not only elucidate the mechanisms of phenomena based on mathematical modelling, but also construct innovative systems that can control the life mechanisms and pathogenesis, and design research that is useful to the real world through implementation.


In recent years, interdisciplinary research that applies mathematics to solve various phenomena and problems has achieved significant growth and is about to change the times. BiMed-Math Lab is engaged in cutting-edge applied mathematics research, including the elucidation of developmental processes involved in pattern formation in the life sciences and the solution of difficult problems in intractable autoimmune diseases.
BiMed-Math Lab is developing a method that integrates mathematical model-driven and data-driven approaches to solve the mysteries of life science that approaches the essential question, “How were we created?”. In addition, for clinical medicine, where biological experiments themselves are difficult and the methods for solving them are extremely limited, we are constructing a new fusion research method that connects clinical medicine and cell biology experiments from the concept of “shape” by using mathematical modeling with a novel idea.
BiMed-Math Lab aims to create new concepts in the regulation of cell functions and to apply them to regenerative medicine and disease treatment by unraveling the mysteries of various biological phenomena based on “pattern and shape” as keywords. Furthermore, by discovering the universality (truth) of the life derived from mathematical models, we aim to elucidate the principles underlying human biology and to pioneer mathematical human biology.

特に、我々人間はどう生まれるのか?という本質に迫る生命科学の謎を数理モデル駆動手法(Model driven approach)とデータ駆動手法(Data driven approach)の融合手法を用いて解明しています。また、生物実験自体が難しく、その解決の手法が極めて限られている臨床医学の課題においては、奇抜な発想転換を用いた数理モデリングを屈指し、「かたち」という概念から臨床医学と細胞生物実験を繋ぐ新しい融合研究手法を構築しています。