Kyoto University Institute for the
Advanced Study of Human Biology




2024年度ASHBi Fusion Research Grantの募集要項が発表されました

ASHBi aims to uncover the design principles of human beings and disease states, through a multi-disciplinary science approach. To progressively advance fusion research in ASHBi, we have established the research grant to strengthen fusion research between mathematics and biology, between bioethics and biology, or between biology and biology.


Application documents must be prepared in English according to the “Application Guidelines for ASHBi Fusion Research Grant”, and submitted as email attachments.

Submit via email to: ashbi-grant[*] (Please change [*] to @.)
Deadline: Noon (JST), Friday, April 26th, 2024



  • The project representative must be an ASHBi researcher, not an ASHBi PI, on April 26th, 2024.
  • The applicant can only be the project representative for one project.
  • The project must form a research team consisting of multiple researchers. At least two ASHBi researchers from different PI groups must be included to play key roles in the project.
  • Each ASHBi PI groups allows to apply only one project per year.


ASHBi Office (Hiromi Inoue, Mayuko Sawamori)
Mail: ashbi-grant[*] (Please change [*] to @.)
Phone: 075-753-9805 (ext. 9805)