ASHBi Young Researcher Meeting on December 11th, 2019


As the kickoff event of our new ASHBi building (please refer attached photo, Faculty of Medicine Bldg. B), we cordially invite young researchers to come and learn/network in a relaxing atmosphere.

Please see the following details and kindly sign up via the link below if you are interested.



Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2019
    Meeting 12:30-17:30
    Social Gathering 17:30-

    Meeting/ Seminar Room 103, Faculty of Medicine Bldg. A
    Social Gathering/ Seminar Room 1st Floor, Faculty of Medicine Bldg B

    *Venue of the meeting has been changed

Language: English

Eligibility: ASHBi PI Group researchers, staffs and students

Fee: Social Gathering ¥1,000



Takefumi Kondo (Assistant Professor / Graduate School of Biostudies) – Invited Speaker –
Masanaga Muto (Assistant Professor / Ema Group)
Reona Yamaguchi (Assistant Professor / Isa Group)
Taro Tsujimura (Lecturer/ Single Cell Genome Information Analysis Core)
Tomoyuki Tsukiyama (Associate Professor / Primate Genome Editing Core)
Tsutomu Sawai (Assistant Professor / Fujita Group)
Yukihiro Yabuta (Assistant Professor / Saitou Group)
Yusuke Imoto (Assistant Professor / Hiraoka Group)



Please sign up by filling the forms provided in the following website.
*Deadline of the social gathering: 12:00, Tuesday, December 3

Flyer image of ASHBi Young Researcher Meeting on 11th December, 2019