Travel Fellowship — ASHBi Symposium 2020


ASHBi will offer a limited number of travel fellowships to young researchers from overseas. We hope this system will encourage as many young researchers as possible to attend the symposium.


1. Deadline

12:00, Friday, December 20, 2019 (JST)


2. Eligibility

1) Researchers who are affiliated to overseas organizations as either graduate students or postdocs or non-PI researchers, regardless of nationality or age.
2) Applicants who wish to make a presentation at the ASHBi Symposium.
3) Applicants who will join all sessions at the ASHBi Symposium.


3. Subsidies

Subsidies for the following items, up to the maximum allowable amount, may be provided following a screening of the applicant by the symposium organizers and on the condition that no additional subsidies are provided from other organizations, domestic or overseas.


1) Overseas flight expenses

Maximum of up to following amount;

  • USA/Europe: Up to JPY150,000
  • Oceania/Asia: Up to JPY100,000
  • Others: to be negotiated

NOTE: We can only cover the flight expenses from/to your home country for the next international destination and Osaka.


2) Accommodation expenses (for the period of the symposium up to 3 nights)

Maximum of up to 25,500 JPY (@8,500JPY per night).


4. Application Process

Those eligible and wishing to apply for the fellowship should provide all the documents outlined below.
All documents should be sent by an e-mail attachment to [] by 12:00, Friday, December 20, 2019 (JST).
Failure to follow all of the instructions may eliminate your application early in the selection process.
Notification of receipt will be sent to your e-mail address when the staff receives your application.


1) Application form


Note: ASHBi, Kyoto University collects personal information solely for the purpose of contacting applicants with information about its academic meetings and events. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to third parties.


2) CV

Curriculum Vitae should include a summary of your education, research experience, and publications.


3) Letter of recommendation from your research instructor or lab head

The letter should be signed by your research instructor or lab head. The letter can be sent directly from the research instructor to the secretariat.


4) Statement of reason for need

Please state the reason for applying for this support. If you have any existing subsidies or support allowing you to come to Japan, please state the details.


5. Notice of Acceptance

Notification regarding the result of fellowship acceptance will be sent by e-mail in January 2020.


6. Note

Registration for the symposium and application for poster presentation must be made separately from ASHBi Travel Fellowship application. In the result that you will not receive the fellowship, your registration to the symposium can be cancelled.