Services offered by SingAC

We currently provide the following services to ASHBi researchers. In the future, we plan to extend our services to researchers and engineers outside of ASHBi.

Maintenance and management of the core facility.

We support the maintenance and operation of the core facility. We manage the booking system for efficient use of the common equipment and to keep track of users. We also take care of machine malfunctions.

Training for common equipment use.

We offer training opportunities to ASHBi researchers to learn how to use shared equipment.

Supporting the use of next-generation sequencers.

We assist in the use of next-generation sequencers. Upon request, we analyze user samples. We also perform maintenance work on the equipment.

Preparation and analysis of RNA-seq libraries.

Upon receipt of total RNA samples, we isolate mRNA and prepare libraries for RNA-seq. Then, we load the libraries into next-generation sequencers. For each sample, we aim to obtain 20 million reads of single-end 75-bp sequences.

How to request services

To apply for RNA-seq services and NGS services, please make a request using the following link. Accounts are registered after approval from your PI.