About Research Ethics

Background: Research Ethics Consultation

Life science research conducted or to be conducted at ASHBi includes research for which there are no clear research rules, or for which rules are being developed, or that may raise public concerns.
The Ethics Group has established an ethics consultation system which researchers can consult on ethical, legal, or social issues so that research at ASHBi is conducted in a timely and sound manner from the planning stage to the publication of results.

An experienced male scientist thinks “I would like to create a human embryo model. Which guideline should I refer to when applying for ethical review?” 
A young female scientist thinks “I have received a comment from an ethics review committee member saying _____, but I am having trouble responding.” 
A young male scientist thinks “What points should I pay attention to when writing the ethical considerations section of an article or a press release?”


The client sends an e-mail to the consultation service through the web contact form.

Illustration of an envelope going right, symbolizing an e-mail.

The Ethics Group will reply to the client with an email confirmation of receipt within 24 hours on weekdays.

Illustration of a document with a green check symbolizing a read document.

The Ethics Group reviews the content of the consultation.

Illustration of a magnifier symbolizing the examination of the document.

After confirming with the client, the Ethics Group will seek opinions from other consultation partners outside the Ethics Group as necessary.

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Reply to the client within 5 working days regarding the results of the review.

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Users of the Ethics Consultation Service

  • ASHBi researchers
  • Graduate students
  • Technical officers
  • Etc.


  • Ethics Group (Misao Fujita + Project Researchers):
    General Research ethics


Diagram with four circles. 
Central circle text: contact  ashbi.kyoto-u.ac.jp/bioethics 
Upper circle text: Users, ASHBi researchers. Graduate students, Technical officers, Etc. 
Text of bottom right circle: Consultants, Ethics Group (Misao Fujita + Project Researchers), General Research ethics 
Text of bottom-left circle: Partners, Jantas Alev: Developmental biology,- Motoko Yanagita: Clinical research, Masatsugu Ema: Animal experiments, Spyros Goulas: Publication ethics

Other Points to Consider

  • Confidentiality obligations are imposed on consultants and consultation partners, and the content of consultations will not be discussed with outside parties.
  • The content of consultations will be recorded, and data may be compiled and disclosed in a form that does not identify individual cases.
  • Preparation of ethics review application documents on behalf of the applicant is outside the scope of this service.